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Kronos Flyby
Korg Kronos ergonomy improvement ...

More scenes, more chords, automation,

drum track intégration, and more ...

For Windows and Mac

For Windows and Mac, Give vitamins to your Kronos, More scenes, More chords, Drum track intégration, 8 drum track patterns per scene, Scenes's related automation ...

Tired of waiting for a new version that might never come?
Try our Kronos Vitamins !

NEW: Improve your Kronos ergonomy, add more features, Try our new Kronos tool now !

Vitamins for the Korg Workstation helps you fully exploit the power of your machine, improving the ergonomics of its configuration

For each scene (and there are 16) you can change main parameters of your combi, including timbres, ges, DT patterns, ...

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Number of contributions to date: 5 (many thanks)

- NEW:
 An offline version is now also available !

Kronos Vitamins

See below the list of new features provided by Vitamins

** Now : A new tool to improve the Kronos ergonomy

Tired of waiting for a new version of the kronos (which may never come ...) that could fill the few gaps I met, I decided to develop a tool to better exploit the power of this wonderful instrument.

-Full Drum track intégration ... (8 drum track patterns per scene)
-Transform your PC's keyboard into a midi controller... If you do not have a midi pad controller, you can use Vitamins's 16 chords "keyspads" and 16 scenes "keyspads"
-16 improved scenes... (each scene can have différent ge(s), timbres(s), parameters..., pads ..., dt patterns, etc. )
-NEW 16 chords pads per scene... (only 16 chords can be a bit short in some cases... )
-The combinator is inside off course...
-Several handy visualisation tools... (played pads notes, last played notes very useful for improvisation, virtual pads for scenes and chords, ...)
-Some midi filtering... (for playing live with several midi controllers without a Daw (several nanopad with 16 scenes or pads, Triton taktile, etc ... ) )

-NEW: several easy programmable "hotkeys" to trigger kronos features directly from the keyboards listened to
-NEW: a "mini Daw" to quickly keep new ideas whitout taking the head
-NEW: a song builder to fix your basic song tructure very easily (drag an drop) with scenes, scenes patterns, chordset, chordsets patterns, Dt patterns, full kronos automation, and a 32 tracks event step sequencer
-NEW: the way to have various customizable chordset chord attacks / or simple arpeggiators (so you can preserve "ges" for other tasks)

-NOW:my goal is almost reached, I still have 2 three tips to finalize, optimize and debug, and I can now use my Kronos correctly according to its capacities. I have in the same machine, a great synth, a mini daw, a mini arranger, and a tool facilitating musical composition or live playing, without the hassle ...

Version 2 if there will be one, will integrate the management of some audio files, and some drum fills patterns, and drums breaks patterns ...

-FINALLY:finally I will stop there this crazy race in which I have let myself go for now 3 years ... I will take back my old friend (Strato) by using all that ... I can't wait ...

-Pricing :
a unique participation of 28$ is required to have an access to the full version of this tool and its future updates, essentially to try (without illusions) to cover the costs of hosting, maintenance, and any evolutions.

** This program has required several months of development, a modest participation is required ( for the full version ) to ensure its maintenance and its possible evolution ...
** This program is not a product.There is no guarantee, no support, and nothing else of this kind.
** This program has been developed for my own needs.I gladly share it with others if it can interest them. That's all.
** Although I am convinced that there is no risk ( I'm using it since 2 years without any problems ), it is therefore clear that you will use this program at your own risk.Mostly do not download or use it from any other website !

Have a look at a quick présentation :)

>> here you have More detailed infos and the use links <<

**Now : Look below at these quick tutos vidéos

(sorry I am still a mussel on a keyboard ...)

>> Video/Tutos

**Soon : Here you can register for share your home-made combi(s) to the Kronos Vitamins community (based on factory programs) in one clic, and thus have access to others

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