Kronos Flyby
Korg Kronos ergonomy improvement ...

More scenes, more chords, automation,

drum track intégration, and more ...

For Windows and Mac

For Windows and Mac, Give vitamins to your Kronos, More scenes, More chords, Drum track intégration, 8 drum track patterns per scene, Scenes's related automation ...

Tired of waiting for a new version that might never come?
Try our Kronos Vitamins !

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NEW: Try some free combis ( based on factory programms), produced with Vitamins !

Vitamins for the Korg Workstation helps you fully exploit the power of your machine, improving the ergonomics of its configuration

Kronos Vitamins home-made shared combis
(based on factory programs)

Well, its a bit sad but it seems that no one want to share anything ..., this section is therefore obsolete :(

Hi there,
By giving an email, a nickname, your last name (not shown), your first name (not shown), your country
you will receive a link allowing you to share your home-made combi retrieved directly from your Kronos connected via usb,
and thus, have access to other shared combis sent to the Kronos Vitamins community.

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