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Kronos Flyby
Korg Kronos ergonomics improvement ...

More scenes, more chords, automation,

drum track intégration, and more ...

For Windows and Mac

For Windows and Mac, Give vitamins to your Kronos, More scenes, More chords, Drum track intégration, 8 drum track patterns per scene, Scenes's related automation ...

Tired of waiting for a new version that might never come?
Try our Kronos Vitamins !

Vitamins for the Korg Workstation helps you fully exploit the power of your machine, improving the ergonomics of its configuration

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With Vitamins, the Korg Kronos becomes almost a Daw, an arranger, the complexity in less ...

For each scene (and there are 16) you can change main parameters of your combi, including timbres and ges

Kronos Vitamins, details and use page

See below more detailed informations about features provided by Vitamins

Full Drum track intégration

Vitamins allows you to have 8 drum patterns per scene.

With a possibility to choose at each change of scene the first pattern played, and an automatic rotation of the patterns on this scene every 4,6,8 or 12 times.

16 scenes, 16 chords pads (New : or 16 per scene if you want)

Vitamins allows you to have 16 scenes instead of 8, 16 chords (taken in Kronos chord sets) instead of 8. Each set of chords can be transposed to higher or lower octaves and fifths.
In one click you can choose another set of chords.Now you can also have différents chords sets per scenes if you need

The combinator

The combinator is now integrated in Vitamins and now works in offline mode as Vitamins.

It allows, starting from an existing combi, to choose very quickly new timbres and / or new ges to make new combis in record time.

Notes visualisation

This part allows to visualize the notes of the chords produced by the Kronos, as well as the sum of the last five chords played.

This is very useful for improvising quickly on a series of chords played by the Kronos. There is also a third small keyboard where you can see the notes played in real time, and you can assign new notes to one of the 16 pre-recorded chords.

Virtual pads

Vitamins also allows you to have 2 sets of 16 pads to easily control the 16 scenes and the 16 available chords. The pads are also connected to the keyboard of the computer, if you do not have nanopad or other external pads, you can thus transform your keyboard into an external pad controller.
If you have the nanopad 2 (or other) you can use its 16 buttons, you can even use 2 nanopads, or a nanopad and another controller, I personally use the Nanopad and Triton Taktile Korg, allowing me to Assign easily, the 16 scenes and the 16 chords of Vitamins.

Midi filtering and "hotkeys"

If you have several external keyboards you can for example redirect the notes of each of them on different midi channels.

So in combi mode you can easily leave the Karma on channel 1 and assign your external keyboards on the other channels.With hotkeys you can trigger specifics kronos features directly from the keyboards listened to

MetaCombi concept

The concept of Metacombi offered by Vitamins (still in experimental mode) allows to assign a maximum of parameters of the Kronos in combi mode, for each scene independently. This makes it possible to do some automation very easily. different timbres on the same track on 2 different scenes.

For example for each scene on a particular track you can assign a different timbre, or a different volume, or a different pan etc. You can also change a ge (s) between two scenes, and even change the chord sets, or the 8 patterns of the drum track.
Of course you can not change all timbres and all ages in one go, that's too many messages to digest for the Kronos.
The MetaCombi are recorded on the PC, absolutely nothing is recorded on the Kronos by Vitamins.

Persistant Vector control and knobs parameters

In a MetaCombi the parameters generated by the vector controls and knobs become persistent, so for each scene you can have these parameters with different values, which further increases the possibilities of automation between each scene.

NOW: All the functionalities are available in the free version !

- Just you cannot save and export your current environment and settings

Kronos Vitamins On line / Offline ! ( for Edge, Chrome and Chromium, Opera, on Windows and Mac)

** Some people complained that an online program could affect the Kronos. If you are very brave, you can try it online :-D
** This program has required several months of development, a modest participation is required ( for the full version ) to ensure its maintenance and its possible evolution ...
** This program is not a product.There is no guarantee, no support, and nothing else of this kind.
** This program has been developed for my own needs.I gladly share it with others if it can interest them. That's all.
** Although I am convinced that there is no risk, it is therefore clear that you will use this program at your own risk.

Mostly, do not use or download it from any other website !

Let's go !

I have read and agree with the terms of use above

Connect your Kronos to your computer via USB and :

>>  Click here  << to Run Vitamins online ! ( Version beta (last update, 0.9996 (09-02-2022) ), for Edge, Chrome and Chromium, Opera, on Windows and Mac )

You can also donwload an offline version below if you still don't want to be connected to internet while using your Kronos :

>>  Click here  << to Download Vitamins offline ! ( Version beta (last update, 0.9996 (24-05-2022) ), for Edge Chrome and Chromium, Opera, on Windows and Mac )

This is a zip file that you can extract somewhere on your computer.
In the "KronosVitaminsOffline" directory you will find among other things the indexagree.html file that you will have to open with Chrome (or the other browsers mentioned above) (it works even if you don't have a Internet connection) .
The offline version is updated less often than the online version.

To get the full version : click the "About vitamins" tab at bottom right of the screen of the application and follow the instructions...

Or simply go to the Contribute page -> :

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