Kronos Vitamins contribution page.

Hello everyone, my name is Patrice NORMAND (from France), I am a professional computer developer, music enthusiast,
I developed this program to be able to use the Kronos more easily in home studio, without having to configure a lot of software more complicated as each other.
I noticed that I was spending far too much time configuring all of this software, to a point that I did not have much left over.

My goal was to be able to easily compose songs on which I can add a guitar, a bass, a voice ...

At the point where I am now, I tell myself that it can interress other people?
If this is the case (and if it is within my reach ...) I could add other features requested by contributors ...

I will for example surely add a feature, the possibility of adding drums fills, or drums patterns on the fly, a bit like an arranger.
So if you are interested, if you want to benefit from all the features already in place,

I let you read the conditions below, before clicking to contribute to future developments.



(* Sorry for the anglophones, this is only a google translated text ...)

- This program has been developed for my own needs.I gladly share it with others if it can interest them. That's all.
- This program has required several years of development, a modest participation of 28$ is required ( for upgrading to the full version to save session settings ) to ensure its maintenance and its possible evolution ...
- This program is not a product.There is no guarantee, no support, and nothing else of this kind.
- Although I am convinced that there is no risk, it is therefore clear that you will use this program at your own risk.
- Especially do not download this program from another website !
- After contributing you will receive a code that will allow you to activate the full version.
- If you have questions you can ask via the website homepage email contact link at the bottom :

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I agree with the conditions