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Free Korg Kronos combis ...
Free New KRONOS Sound Libraries...

New KRONOS Sound Libraries, Subscribe To Get Notified, Free combis for Kronos,For Windows and mac (with Chrome only ),Directly from your browser ,Load combis in one clic !

Make new combis in 10minutes , Try our Kronos Combinator !

The combinator helps you to create combis by "simply" randomize timbre(s), ge(s),and merge, split, move existing timbre(s),ge(s),chord set(s) accross exiting combis with simple drag and drop actions...

The Korg Kronos is your best friend to get inspiration !

The combi mode allows you to boost your inspiration and capture very easily your new ideas ...

Select one ..

Get ideas while playing...

Catch them with "Enter + Rec", And work on it ;)

More combis for your new Korg Kronos ?

Make new combis yourself in 10minutes with our Kronos Combinator ! 

-> Try it, its free ! <-

Look at this quick demo vidéo , a combi in 6 minutes

Try our free combis below and

Save what you need !

Just listen save it if you like.
All combis are made with Karma modules and scenes and ready to play.
You must have the 2015 Kronos sound factory programs loaded in your Kronos ! (and the last update :V 3.1.2 only )
Your Kronos must be on and connected via USB, and browse this page with "Google Chrome" ... to be able to launch directly these combis in one clic !

 Comming soon:

   Thinking of some random magic buttons (drums, leads, pads, SFX ... )

 Later :

   If this tool is realy used, I will add a repository functionnality for sharing created combis between registered users.These combis will be acessible in one clic like ones those above !

Want more, tell us what :)

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